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ZeniTPL - lightweight php template engine

Some sunday afternoon i got bored and wrote this simple php template engine. Since then was added some functionality and here it is... Well not that bored, i just needed template engine usable in my commerecial projects..


ZeniTPL requires MB_STRING extension installed

Package contains library and example of use.


  • Code and design separation
  • Variable assigning
  • Creating/repeating blocks
  • Pretty fast template parsing even on big templates
  • New BSD licence


  • PHP 5+
  • MB_STRING extension

If you find bug...

...please let me know at zenithies [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com


update 2010-05-18

  * Seome code cleanup

update 2010-04-08

  * Removed bug with non replaced helpers of empty blocks

last update: 2010-02-13 | author: Zenithy