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Gothic I, Gothic II on Windows 7 64-bit troubleshooting, game won't start, graphics freezes

I was in nostalgic mood recently and i wanted to play this great games. First issue was that i gave all my game collection to my brother few years ago, so i bought saga edition which contains both Gothic I, Gothic II and its datadisk Night of the raven. Full of expectation i installed game but crushed on this few issues.

Gothic I, Gothic II won't start, it freezes in taskbar and nothing happens

Well i tried nearly everything, setting up compatibility modes, bunch of patches, phorum posts and such and after two days i got it. Only thing you have to do in this case is just to restart your computer after installing game. That worked for me. (And after i find out this, i had feeling that i have to run toward wall and crush my head as hard as is possible into it, cos it didn't came on my mind earlier.)

Gothic I, Gothic II graphics freezes, flickers, breaks with nVidia graphics cards

After i passed to stage that i was able to run game, second problem came on. After i left Xardas's tower graphics fall apart and whole system got to state i'll not talk to you until restart. So i spent hours on phorums and finally found this link: http://depositfiles.com/files/hq9bsd81o (system32.rar) Whole problem has something to do with compatibility of DX11, nVidia graphics display driver and game engine which is DX7 based.
Take steps following and you should be ready to kick Sleeper or his Forces again:

  • After installing Gothic I, Gothic II restart your system
  • Set compatibility for it to Windows Xp (sp3)
  • Obtain file http://depositfiles.com/files/hq9bsd81o (system32.rar)
  • Unpack archive somewhere
  • Copy content of this archive's system32 folder into [gothic folder]/system
  • Run game, if it will crash on initialization, reboot your system and run it again
  • Now you should be ready to play
  • If you can't see video sequences and you hear sound only press Esc key, it will skip them, menu and game should work just fine
  • Note: This worked for both Gothic I, and Gothic II with datadisk

After taking this steps i was able to easily play Gothic's again and all worked fine. If not, and graphics is still fallen apart, make sure that you have copied all 4 files from http://depositfiles.com/files/hq9bsd81o (system32.rar) system32 directory directly into [gothic's folder]/system directory this will force gothic.exe files to use this libraries insted of those you have in your system installed.

Gothic won't start but i can see it running in taskmanager (abebridges913's hint)

Our reader abebridges913 pointed to another problem you can encounter in struggle for gothic play. You can try her trick to:

  • open the game TWICE
  • hit: CTRL + ALT +DELETE
  • find and end process "rundll32.exe" (it should use 1 processor core, on dual core machines 50% on quad cores 25% of CPU)
  • kill process
  • and the game magically opens (on its own)

Thank you for this hint abebridges913

If you have any another clue about Gothic's troubles on windows 7 or you want to contact me, feel free: zenithies [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

last update: 2010-06-30 | author: Zenithy