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Windows 7 PHP MySQL connection problem

If you can't connect to MySQL server from PHP on Windows 7 and you are sure all other steps eg. placing libraries to system folder etc. was done, there is one more thing which you can try. Change server address from 'localhost' to '' This has something to do with named pipes addressing......

inserted: 2010-02-13 | author: Zenithy

Few tips for running Apache web server on Windows 7

Few things about running Apache on Windows 7 Installation Installation will end up in some kind of permissions error and Apache service will not start automatically. Don't worry just try system restart. After restart should be service running and everything ok. Configuration You configured some...

inserted: 2010-02-13 | author: Zenithy

Connect to Microsoft Dynamics Crm 4.0 web service from PHP using IFD authentication

If you are looking for integration of data exchange betwen your PHP web site and MS CRM please visit: Microsoft Dynamics Crm 4.0 PHP Integration Offer. Also integration with MS CRM 2011 Online is possible: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online PHP Integration Offer Some time ago i got really hard stu...

inserted: 2010-01-03 | author: Zenithy